validus management consultancy UK

Financial Services Case Study

Wealth Division of UK bank

Organisation hampered by complex business processes and IT integration
Releaseed 19% of existing capacity, trebled closure section throughput


  • The Operations Centre within the Wealth Management Division of one of the major UK banks


  • Need to identify and release capacity in order to resource additional activity to support the implementation of a new Wealth Management strategy
  • Business processes had become highly complex, differed amongst processing teams and included multiple 'hand-offs'
  • Poor IT systems integration
  • Performance reporting systems and procedures were not providing accurate and reliable information
  • Lack of supervisory skills and other 'cultural' issues within the Operations Centre


  • Carried out a series of introductory 'scoping' workshops with selected members of staff to gain perceptions / insights on the issues, generate early involvement and to quantify the improvement potential
  • Agreed joint project structure and improvement objectives covering: New Business, Closures, Custodial Services and Operational Control sections. Project specifically covered New Business and Closures, with coaching of staff who then addressed the Custodial Services and Operational Control sections
  • Developed significantly improved Business Process and implemented associated organisational structure changes to support client case ownership
  • Developed vastly less complex, more manageable, accurate and reliable Performance Management information and mechanisms
  • Reviewed all proposed process changes with Group Risk and Compliance departments for agreement and sign-off
  • Developed and implemented a workload and capacity management tool
  • Carried out audit of existing skills within the Operations Centre and used as the basis for structured training programmes
  • Carried out a series of 'culture development' workshops to challenge and modify existing office behaviour and attitudes
  • Developed and implemented structured management reporting mechanisms


  • High and extremely positive levels of engagement from managers and staff
  • Vast amount of ground covered in short period of time (14 weeks)
  • Identified and released 19% of existing capacity
  • Closures section trebled throughput rate through: restructuring section, eliminating hand-off's and establishing case ownership
  • Significantly reduced effort in 'tick-box' approach to risk management whilst actually strengthening awareness and mitigation within processes
  • Active engagement of Group IT to resolve multiple data entry on supporting systems
  • Improved the 'change management' skills within the Operations Centre, staff employed the methodology and techniques themselves in the Operational Control and Custodial Services sections